RAOB GAB - The Buffalo Club

 The brainchild of Hugo Atkins and partner in crime Dylan Michel, The Buffalo Club (website/facebook) is a whole new class of venue in the heart of Melbourne.

In the old tradition, it's down a lane that's down a lane, and was once used by the Wing Chun Kung Fu guys, now in Curtin House. Head here for a bit more history, I'd recommend a read if you've got a couple of minutes. I'll just get on with my thoughts of the place.

Not gonna lie, it's a real cool place. A nice sound system, big dancefloor and comfy couches. The marble bar is a nice touch, Sam the bartender is a good egg too. The music for the couple of hours I was there was still laid back as it was early in the night, but there are some clips floating around of Wooshie bringing the noise the other night.

I think this a great idea, and the fact they are prepared to push local live acts with such fervor should be applauded. Oscar + Martin are DJing to celebrate their EP launch alongside Kano and DJ Danielsan (Koolism) next Friday, and for those that are more about that tropical club sound, Congo Tardis are bringing their show to the Banner, with Lewis Can Cut, Paz and Ms. Butt the week after.

I'd also recommend checking out Wooshie's beats. The kid can write some tunes and is fun live too, he killed the Beat Invitational at Mount Kimbie earlier this year.

I think this has a potential to be a fantastic venue, at a time when the scene could do well with a breath of fresh air. I'd recommend you get down and check it out, show your support for some dudes doing things a little differently.

Address: 2/22 Sutherland Ave, Melbourne 3000

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