Unbalance - Red | Indeks 026

Indeks Music

Red is the latest offering from Russian techno producer Unbalance, finding a home on the Ukrainian label Indeks Music. This is one that came quite out of leftfield for us, given that the Ukraine is not normally known for techno, and especially techno in this style, although in this case class shines through.

Listening to this 4 track EP, it is quite easy to hear the influences that have helped form ideas for Red. The title track is a deep yet bouncy dub style tune, with Mad Loop and Claustrophobia both easily able to sit on a Perc Trax or Stroboscopic Artefacts release, and having a very Marcel Fengler-esque quality in the sounds.. Having said that, there is something that separates this release from being just one of the crowd, and marks the producer as one to keep an eye on. Having previously released on the Sydney-based Gynoid Audio, as well as Sonntag Morgen and Thema, Unbalance is clearly someone who has been able to catch the ears of some important underground labels, and we get the feeling we’ll be hearing a bit more from him in the not too distant future. 

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