Terence Fixmer - Le Terrible EP | EDLX.017

Terence Fixmer
Le Terrible EP
Electric Deluxe

Terence Fixmer has been a regular fixture of the techno world for 10 odd years, although it's his more recent work that has been getting our attention at the Department. His Comedy of Menace LP from last year and the Electric City EP (both on Electric Deluxe) are some seriously good techno, as well as a collaboration with Claudio PRC on Prologue earlier this year really tickling our fancy.

His latest release, once again on Electric Deluxe, continues his great run of the last 18 odd months. Le Terrible is a hypnotic, atmospheric piece, somewhat reminiscent of some of Mike Parker or Donato Dozzy's work. A pulsating energy field ebbs and flows, with a steady kick giving direction without dominating the mix. Concept C is a more straightforward piece of techno, although it is by no means boring. It is a slightly more industrial affair than the lead track, repetitive pads working well with the background noises and creaking to create a palatable tension. The package is rounded out with a Marcel Dettmann remix of Dance Like Paranoid, a bleepy, gritty, shifting tune that will get quite a bit of playtime (and with good reason), and a tool derived from the title track. This is a great release, re-enforcing Terence Fixmer, and Electric Deluxe's position as leaders in the world of techno, and we hope there's plenty more to come.

EDLX.017 - Terence Fixmer -Le Terrible EP by electric deluxe

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