Emptyset - Altogether Lost (SCB + Peverelist Remixes) | CVAN015

Was doing a bit of window shopping just now and saw that Emptyset have organised a couple of remixes for their Altogether Lost, which was released on CLR last year. Remixes come courtesy of SCB and Peverelist.

This was a great release, after hearing it and the accompanying CLR podcast I was converted. Emptyset have got a hefty back catalogue and I'd suggest you check them out, as they make some interesting music ranging from dub techno to experimental electronica to the crunchy, T47-esque Altogether Lost.

The remix package is good. SCB does his techno thing, high hats keeping the pace up but with a dark undertone to the whole thing, which becomes more apparent with the twisted use of the vocal (which is a killer part of the original, Cornelius Harris spitting poetry like a man possessed). Peverelist's is a different take, very percussive with stabs of noises from the original coming through at random intervals, but with a definite swing. Check out the previews below, it's available on vinyl as well as digital download.

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