Hi everyone. Just another avenue to promote what we're up to at The Public Works Department. Expect some videos and photos from various events, and maybe more, who knows?

Here's a couple of reviews and some videos from the Easter weekend. First up is Scuba, who played a blinder of a set at La Di Da for The Likes Of You. TLOY have been known to cop a bit of flak from some punters, but I thought this one wasn't too bad. The sound early on downstairs was a bit of an issue, being quite loud during some of Spherix's warm-up, but by the time Scuba took the reigns it was sorted, although still quite bass-heavy. Overselling tickets is another area that TLOY have a bit of a poor reputation for, and it was a bit of a sweatbox until Robert Babicz started upstairs, but those who hung around in the basement were treated to some champagne Scuba. Over the last couple of years, he has developed an amazing sound, a mix of techno and dubstep that I haven't heard anyone else get close to. Over the 3 hours we heard everything from Tommy Four Seven - Surma (Speedy J Dub) to Instra:Mental - When I Dip, Mount Kimbie's Blind Night Errand to his own You Got Me. A bit of a shame that few people stuck around to hear one of Melbourne's finest Craig McWhinney, who was given the closing slot, but only allowed to play for about half an hour. Personally, I would have switched McWhinney and Spherix, I think that Craig's brand of dubby house and techno would have warmed the room up nicely, then having Spherix to bring the bass to close the night would have flowed a little bit better, but that's just me. One last gripe, and that is the lack of visuals or decent lighting. As you can see from the vids, it was pretty dark, and while I normally love this kind of vibe, a little bit more would have been nice. Overall, 7/10

Up next, Sandwell District!

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