Emptyset - Altogether Lost (The Remixes) | CLR047

Another remix package for Emptyset's Altogether Lost, to go with the SCB and Peverelist mixes reviewed here the other day. This time, Ben Klock and Ripperton take the reins for CLR.

Ben Klock turns in two remixes, his Glowing Clap Mix a loopy, percussive techno/tech-house number with a solid kick behind everything that pushes the song forward at a nice pace. The Glowing Pad Mix has a much spacier feel, all swirling synth and hypnotic bell loops with vocal stabs every so often. I get the feeling the second mix would lend itself more to later in the night, but I can see both getting quite a bit of airplay, the clap mix in peak time with no worries.

Ripperton takes the original vocal and places it over a slab of piano driven deep house, as only he knows how. This is a solid tune, a great piano sound and is something I would expect to hear a bit of in the coming months. I think the contrast of the vocal and the piano in the middle of the song works really well, shedding new light on Cornelius Harris' rhymes. Emptyset finish off the package with the dub mix of the original, providing some chunky beats.

Again, this is a good package, with 3 very distinct tracks that will work equally well in different sets, and should feature in a few different circles over the next few months. Buy it on Beatport here

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