PWDcast 03 - Klokes UFO's Over Coburg Mix

It's been a little while between drinks for us here at the Department, but this mix is well worth the wait. The third edition of the PWDcast comes from local (via the UK) badman Kloke, who has been tickling our fancy for quite a while now.


Cio D'or - Magnetfluss EP | PRG022

Cio D'Or
Magnetfluss EP

To say that we are fans of Cio D'or and Prologue here at the Department would be a slight understatement. Prologue's dedication to that very deep style of techno is second to none, and the producers who release on the label are of the highest quality. Cio D'Or is no exception. Having been introduced to her by the always excellent mnml ssgs a number of years ago, we have been avid followers ever since, with both her production work and various DJ sets (studio and live) only further endearing her to our hearts. Cio's mastery of hypnotic grooves, coupled with tense atmospheres and natural sounds, puts her at the forefront of a select group of producers. Her latest EP, the first solo work since her 2009 album Die Faser, is no exception, and now that we've had a chance to really digest it, we want to give some thoughts.